New S.A. Non-Profit Targets Teen Pregnancy

Rep. Villarreal joins the Healthy Futures Alliance in calling for a stronger effort to reduce teen pregnancy. "If you care about education in Texas, then you have to pay attention to this problem of ours of teen pregnancy," said Rep. Villarreal. Watch the video here or read more about Rep. Villarreal's work on planning healthy pregnancies.

Texas Unemployment Fund Dries Up

KENS 5 reports on the state's rejection of the federal stimulus for unemployment benefits and the federal loan that Texas is taking out instead.  Rep. Villarreal expressed his concern about the impact on families that lost jobs during the recession and the Governor's plan to raise business taxes rather than accept stimulus funding.

Watch the video here

Rep. Villarreal on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart

The Daily Show poses tough questions to Rep. Villarreal about his opposition to legislation banning sexy cheerleading.

Watch the hilarious video here.

Texas Considering New Guide for Parents

Villarreal Supports Recess for Elementary School Students

Texas lawmakers consider giving kids a mandatory recess period each day.  Research shows that free play has social and academic benefits.  Watch KVUE News Austin.

Mayor Hardberger and Rep. Villarreal Team Up to Close Loophole in Tree Ordinance

Watch KENS5 coverage or KSAT coverage as Rep. Villarreal and Mayor Hardberger announce new legislation to give cities more muscle to enforce local land use ordinances, such as San Antonio's tree ordinance and flood regulations. H.B. 2016 would prevent land owners who intend to develop land from using an "agricultural operation" designation to avoid such regulations.

Youtube video of press conference by Anne Bleier, District 123 Intern

Youtube video of press conference by John Tedesco, San Antonio Express News


Democratic Lawmakers Push Abstinence Plus Legislation

News 8 Austin and KVUE Austin report as lawmakers argue that the state needs to update and improve standards for sex education in order to reduce our state's teen pregnancy rate. 

Rep. Villarreal and Community Leaders Announce "Our Future: Our Choices"

Villarreal is joined by a diverse coalition, including the North Chamber of Commerce, the SA Chamber of Commerce, Sierra Club, the San Antonio Mobility Coalition, VIA Board members, and County Judge Nelson Wolff to announce his legislation to expand funding options for transportation in Bexar County. 


Villarreal Authors Legislation to Fund Transportation in San Antonio

KENS5 reports on Villarreal's bill to give Bexar County voters the option to choose to invest locally in new transportation options, including light rail.

Should Babies Come with an "Owner's Manual"?

Watch KENS5 coverage of Representative Villarreal's legislation to require that hospitals and birth centers provide new parents with important health and safety information, as well as information on children's cognitive development.

Local Lawmakers File Bills to Fight Teen Pregnancy

Senator Van DePutte and Representative Villarreal file measures intended to curb unintended pregnancies.  Watch KSAT coverage.

Lawmaker Pushing Legislation for Greener Schools

Watch KSAT coverage of Representative Villarreal's legislation to encourage schools to build energy efficient facilities and to require state agencies to select hybrid vehicles for one half of their new vehicle purchases

A Record Number of Residents in Bexar County are Receiving Food Stamps

Click here to watch KSAT coverage and then click on the video titled "Record Number of Bexar County Residents Receive Food Stamps".

Rep. Villarreal Seeks Community Input on San Antonio's Transportation Challenges

Cick here to watch KENS5 coverage of a town hall forum in which citizens weigh in on potential solutions to San Antonio's transportation challenges. Representative Villarreal highlights that local residents now spend more on transportation than on their mortgages on average.

Northside ISD Educates Growing Number of Refugee Students

KENS5 reports on the growing number of children from war-torn countries who are attending schools in Northside Independent School District. Representative Villarreal support legislation that would ensure that the state's accountability system doesn't penalize schools that help these children make the difficult transition.

State Rep. Wants Capital Access Program Renewed for Small Businesses

Rep. Villarreal is working to renew a state program to support small businesses. Watch the KSAT report here to learn how a local non-profit, ACCION Texas, is providing critical loans to keep entrepreneurs going during this financial crisis, and how Rep. Villarreal wants to expand their impact.

State Rep. Working on Bill for Light-Rail Funding

Click here to watch the KSAT story on Rep. Villarreal's plans to collect community input for legislation to give local voters the power to choose a new funding system for light rail.

Rep. Villarreal Helps Lead Successful Push for Wind Energy Expansion

Click here and here to learn about the state plan to build new renewable energy transmission lines. Rep. Villarreal was a leading proponent of the project, citing the opportunity to provide more affordable energy while reducing air pollution and growing our economy.

A Free Option for Tax Preparation

The KSAT Defenders Team investigate whether local car dealers are violating a law authored by Rep. Mike Villarreal to protect consumers from predatory loans when preparing their tax returns.  Click here to watch the report and learn about free tax preparation options in San Antonio.

Lawmakers Consider Changes to TAKS Test

Click here to see a KSAT report of a hearing in San Antonio in which Rep. Villarreal joined the voices of teachers and administrators who called for reform of our public school accountability system.

Working to Create Stronger Families

Click here to watch WOAI coverage of Representative Villarreal's successful campaign to expand access to birth control in clinic pharmacies.  To read more about how citizens came together to make a difference to prevent unplanned pregnancies, click here.

"Roughin' It"

Watch KSAT 12 exclusive coverage of Representative Villarreal's unusual abode in Austin.  Rep. Villarreal stayed in a camper in McKinney Falls State Park during the 5 month legislative session, and advocated for increased funding for our state parks in the Legislature. 

"Step It Up: Take Action For Clean Air"

Rep. Villarreal spoke to rally goers at the Alamo at the Step It Up Rally regarding on April 14th, 2007. Watch his speech here on steps that our state needs to take to protect our air quality.







"Are Schools Ready for Train Emergencies?"

 Representative Villarreal files legislation to require school districts need to have a plan to respond to train derailments.