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Messages from Mike - Archive for August 2007

What a Night! National Night Out

Posted on Wednesday, August 8, 2007 4:38:21 AM

Tonight, folks gathered for block parties and barbeques in San Antonio and around the country to meet their neighbors and prevent crime as part of National Night Out. 

I made it to as many events as physically possible, and my staff and volunteers were present at 10 events in our district to listen to neighbors' concerns, share stories, listen to great music and, of course, eat hot dogs!

Joan Carabin, President of the Lavaca Neighborhood Association, perhaps said it best in her invitation to neighbors, "National Night Out only comes once a year...and it is our chance to show the children that there is more than one type of organized 'GANG' to join."  District 123 is fortunate to have some of the very best organizations of caring neighbors in our city.  I really believe that by continuing to build a movement of people who care about our urban neighborhoods, we will unleash the huge potential that these communities hold.

A member of my staff (who apparently also had trouble sleeping after all of the activity) put together a scrapbook from the events.

We hope that you'll enjoy seeing your neighbors and other associations in action.

Thank you all for your hard work in organizing these events.  I enjoyed seeing many of you tonight!!  Now off to bed...

- Mike

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