Save Gas Money and the Planet

Posted on 5/6/2008 4:56 PM

Oil company profits may be going through the roof, but high gas prices are squeezing families on a limited budget. Something is wrong with this picture.


I'm pleased the FTC is strengthening protections against gas price manipulation. Congress should also shift tax breaks from oil companies to consumers and renewable energy. But the real solution is transforming the economy so we are no longer hostage to global oil prices.


I have researched ways the state can provide Texans some relief until we build new energy and transportation systems, such as light rail transit. But, frankly, so far I haven't found anything that will do the trick in the short-term.


Fortunately, there are a few steps we can all take to immediately save money on gas and cut down on air pollution.


In addition to driving less, did you know you can save the equivalent of 14 cents per gallon by keeping your engine properly tuned; 35 cents per gallon by replacing old air filters; or 11 cents per gallon by keeping your tires properly inflated?


It can add up to a lot of savings for you and a lot less smog in the air we breathe.  Check out more suggestions and information online.


- Mike


P.S. In the spirit of saving money and doing your part to save the environment, don't forget about the sales tax holiday on energy efficient light bulbs, ACs, dishwashers and more, May 24-26.