Resources for Families Facing Foreclosure

Posted on 10/20/2008 12:51 PM

Recent economic turmoil is putting a strain on families, small businesses and others in San Antonio.  Home foreclosures in particular pose one of the most significant threats to families and communities during these tough times.


If you or someone you know is facing foreclosure, some of the resources you can call on for assistance are listed below. As always, you can also call my office at 210-734-8937 for assistance.


- City of San Antonio Housing Counseling Program




- NeighborWorks Hope Hotline


1-888-995-HOPE (1-888-995-4673)

- U.S. Dept. of Housing and Urban Development (HUD)


1-800-CALL-FHA (1-800-225-5342), 1-800-569-4287         


- Consumer Credit Counseling Services of Greater San Antonio