Your feedback on our transportation work

Posted on 3/2/2009 12:51 PM

Great to read the lively discussion on and facebook about my transportation legislation.

I'm attaching below a summary of the legislation as it currently stands. Bexar County legislators and local stakeholders have improved this legislation since first filing. Please give your feedback so that it can continue to get better.

The purpose of this bill is to allow Bexar County voters to raise additional revenue to fund mass transit projects. The bill requires voter approval for all funding options and projects.


Mike Villarreal
State Representative


H.B. 1674 by Representative Mike Villarreal
San Antonio Transportation Local Option Bill Summary

Menu Options to Fund Local Transportation Project

  • County motor vehicle registration fee
  • New resident vehicle registration fee
  • Drivers license fee
  • Vehicle mileage fee
  • Environmental mitigation fee (based on size of engine)

* Mandates the creation of a fee reduction program for low income drivers & rebate program for those that document low miles driven in previous year

Governance Structure
  • VIA to evaluate and recommend projects and funding mechanisms to Bexar County Commissioners Court
  • Commissioners Court would hold public hearing before ordering an election
  • Commissioners Court calls election
  • The election clearly states each revenue source, proposed rate, proposed project, estimated cost and completion date, and estimated annual expenses for project
  • VIA must consult with other local transportation entities
Eligible Projects
  • No less than 80% of the revenue must be dedicated to mass transit
  • Revenue can not directly or indirectly go to supporting toll road projects
  • Projects must foster geographic equity
  • Projects must be built first in major workforce and population hubs
  • Funds may not supplant other transit revenue
  • Ensures no loss of federal or state formula funding
  • Ensures no loss of transit funding
  • Elections for approval of transportation projects and funding mechanisms must be held on regular November general election.