Learn to Lobby

Legislative Leaders Institute

The legislative process can often be daunting to individuals who want to make an impact on issues that are critical to our community. Representative Villarreal created the Legislative Leaders Institute, a series of workshops on how to influence state government, in order to help citizens navigate the process. To date the Representative and his staff have provided training to over 1,000 citizens and professional advocates.

Representative Villarreal says of this program, “There are over a thousand paid lobbyists in Austin representing powerful interest groups. I’m organizing citizen lobbyists to fight for key issues that benefit the average Texan, such as affordable college education, and protecting our natural resources.”

The following training sessions are available. Check our events calendar for upcoming workshops or contact our office at (210) 734-8937 or info@leaderslisten.org for further information on how to participate.

Introductory Workshops
1-2 hour workshops are available for advocates who are interested to learn the basics about effective advocacy in the legislative process. The theme of the workshop can be tailored to the interests of participants. Representative Villarreal and his staff lead workshops for organizations upon request.

Legislative Leaders Institute: Full Course
This course includes more detailed tips on successfully influencing state government, provides participants with hands-on instruction on using Texas Legislature Online to track bills, and gives citizens the opportunity to discuss effective lobbying techniques with experts in the field. The full course led by Representative Villarreal is offered to advocates 1-2 times per year and involves three evening class sessions.