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Messages from Mike - Archive for April 2009

Update on our local option transportation legislation

Posted on Tuesday, April 21, 2009 1:48:47 AM

The following is a summary of the current version of the H.B. 1674 that will be heard by the House Committee on Transportation on April 21, 2009.

Keep your feedback coming!  Please also consider signing our petition to ensure that provisions that are important to San Antonio residents are included in the final version of the transportation package adopted by the Legislature.

- Mike

H.B. 1674
Bexar County Transportation Local Option
Bill Highlights
April 16, 2009 Version
Single Local Option
  • County motor gasoline and diesel fuel tax - not to exceed 10 cents per gallon
    • Collected by the Comptroller, similar to current practice for state and federal gasoline tax
    • Five-year gradual implementation process - 2 cents first year, followed by 2 additional cents each year until 10 cents is reached 
Governance Structure
  • ATD must create an advisory committee who is responsible for making recommendations to the County Commissioners Court about transportation projects to pursue with revenue raised through this fund
    • committee members include representatives from San Antonio, Leon Valley, the County, and state legislators
  • Commissioners Court would hold public hearings, adopt a list of proposed projects and tax rate
  • Commissioners Court calls election on proposal
    • election can be held no sooner than November, 2012
    • election must be in November in an even numbered year
Eligible Projects
  • No less than 80% of the revenue must be dedicated to mass transit
  • Revenue can not directly or indirectly go to supporting toll road projects
  • Projects must come from VIA's Comprehensive Multi-Modal Transportation Plan
  • First consideration must go to projects that connect major workforce and population hubs and that foster geographic equity
  • Funds may not supplant other transit revenue
  • Prohibits state from using local funds to supplant state transportation funding
  • Termination of tax once debt service defeased for both construction and operation and maintenance of transportation project


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